By Abramovich Yuval (Author)

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You have an idea that you dream of becoming a reality, but you have no idea where you start? Do you dream of becoming self -employed and increased revenue, or do you want to breathe life in your idea alongside your work as employees? You set up a business, but the pink dream threatens to become a nightmare? Are you looking for sources of funding? You have no idea what is the first step on the way to financial independence? The "idea" is the book that will provide you with the answers, along with a pile of tools and lists, which already during its reading will make you start and make your dream a reality. Using "The idea - a dream for reality" will get rid of thought fixation and are wrong with fulfillment and success, learn how to accurate your idea, how to formulate a winning concept, why the passion is just as important as talent, how not to give up and raise courage, and you will understand why the ideas are powerful The real in our world, how to create a bustling community on social networks and original campaigns at a cost of hundreds of shekels, and how to start a business without the need for significant capital. Thanks to the exercises, lists, tasks and self -work you will need during the book, you will find out how the journey to fulfill your idea makes you, a page, from a vision owners to your own business owners. People dream of successful manufacturers. Yuval Abramowitz 'returns with a new book that stands on its own (but was written in the spirit of the "list"). The "idea" is an active guide that drives action, written in great professionalism, occupying honesty and a little humor, and provides its readers dozens of refreshments for thought, tips, exercises, extraordinary stories about people who managed to delete millions of debts, overcame failures and managed to go back to the legs Thanks to original thinking, daring and brilliant ideas. Throughout the book you will be asked to fill in personal and challenging lists, designed to be precise your idea and distill how to think on the way to fulfillment.

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