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Your beliefs about your life
are what you will make true about your life."
(p. 18, marked as a key sentence in the book by more than 10,000 readers worldwide).
Overcoming a mountain—climbing it as well as descending it with peace and a sense of success—is an ancient metaphor for spiritual awakening, for journeys of self-growth, and for the difficulties we face on the way to change. But the truth is that the mountain is within us, and was created over years of accumulating traumas, social adaptations and coping mechanisms, which led to situations of stuckness and fear of change.
In her book The Inner Mountain, Briana Wiest offers essential insights so that we can climb to our highest self, which is also the true self. An effort to please the environment leads to the silencing of our inner voice, which can be heard again by listening to the body and thoughts. But the change is not easy, and requires sober self-observation and overcoming behaviors that slow us down and hurt us.
"Brianna Wiest inspires us and encourages us to climb our mountains with powerful insights that help prepare for the climb.
A must read for those who are willing to do the inner work required to live a life of fulfillment, wonder and pleasure!"
Simon Alexander Ong, Personal Life Coach and International Business Strategist

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