By Ethan Cross (Author)

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If you tell a foreign person you are talking about, you will probably be labeled as strange types. But the truth is that each of us has a voice in the head. We often hope to receive guidance and encouragement from him, but instead only receives criticism. When we are a difficult task, the inner voice can help us focus and convince us that we are able to deal with it. But no less often, the critical voice within us relaxes our hand and tells us that we are expected to fail and that people will laugh at us. why is it happening? In his inner voice, the psychologist Eitan Cross, one of the world's greatest experts in controlling thoughts, reveals the hidden power of our inner voice and shows how it can be exploited to live a healthier, more satisfying and more productive life. Cross is investigating the conversations that take place in our heads. He combines knowledge from breakthrough studies in the fields of behavior and brain in his laboratory with life stories - a baseball player who forgot how to submit a ball to the Harvard student who has difficulty having a double life as an agent of an American intelligence organization - explains how these conversations shape our lives, our work, and our relationship Others. He warns that a negative and confusing self -speech can impair our health, sabotage our mood, burden social connections and cause us to collapse under pressure. The good news is that we have the necessary tools to make the inner voice serve us instead of harm us. These tools are often hidden before our eyes - in the words we use when we think of ourselves, in technologies we use in everyday life, in the diary we keep in the drawer, in conversations we are having with loved people, in a culture we create in school and work. Brilliant in his writing and full of fascinating stories, the inner voice gives us the power to change the most important conversation we own every day, the one we have with ourselves. "There is something mysterious and even amazing about our inner voice, the tool through which we are aware of who we are and what we think. Cruise has good ideas on how to manage and control this voice. ' - New Yorker

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