By A relic of Yishai (Author)

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A female soldier serving at a southern base accuses an outstanding officer of rape. In order to investigate the complaint, a young and not so successful lawyer is recruited, the six to escape the daily hassles for a few reserve days of a fascinating investigation. Captain Erez, who is being investigated, is a 24-year-old golden boy. The stuff of the Chief of Staff. He is right to go through the investigation and prove that the act did not happen and was not created, as long as it does not interfere with his important service in the IDF. However, as the investigation of the case progresses and deepens, it is revealed that behind the apparently simple reality lies a complex, multi-faceted and deceptive truth, in which none of the people involved is who they thought they were at the beginning of the affair. Captain Erez's investigation turns into an investigation of Israeli culture in its various shades, as the plot wanders between the glittering office towers and neglected streets of Tel Aviv and the slums of the neglected development town of Ofakim and reaches as far as the IDF post in Lebanon. Captain Erez's investigation is a reissue of Yishai's first book Sharid, which was first published in 2000. Since then, Sharid has established his status as one of the best writers in Israel and published five more books, in each of which he directs a compassionate yet razor-sharp gaze into the deepest and most subtle nuances of the unique and complicated Israeli complexity. Yishai Sharid was born in Tel Aviv and lives there with his family. He is a lawyer by profession and an intelligence officer in the past. The author of the books "Limsol", "Gan Naomi", "The Third", "The Memory Monster" and "Medhafat", all published by Am Oved.

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