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In the spring of 1902, Hana Moskovich, a young Jewish woman from the town of Lifshik in the Kyiv region, finds herself on a ship making her way to the United States of America. Long days of arduous journey end when the ship passes in front of the mighty figure of the woman carrying the torch - the symbol of freedom of the new homeland. But the end of the journey turns out to be the beginning of another journey - much more difficult and winding. Torn by longing, Hana steps on foreign land for the first time and the voice of her father, who used to say that America is an empty motherland, whose stones are unclean and whose streets are unclean, echoes in her head. But she will enter her gates bravely only to regain her freedom that was taken from her; The freedom and also the trust that she lost in the power of love. Freedom Island is Hana's touching story, but also the great story of the Jews who stepped with anxiety and excitement on the edge of the new world. He leads us to the crowded apartments of the Lower East Side in New York, to the stuffy rooms of the sweatshops and to the bustling streets that copied the life of the town to the New World. In the midst of all of this and in the face of the unimaginable power of human evil, but also under the protection of a non-negligible measure of generosity and love, Hana struggles to make her way towards a life of freedom, which is doubly difficult to achieve for a Jewish woman. This journey will be accompanied by pain that will knock her down time and time again. Will you find the strength to get up from it again and again? Yamima Hovav is a writer and historian specializing in the history of Israel in modern times. Has a doctorate in history from the Hebrew University, teaches history in various academic settings and is an educator at the Falech school in Jerusalem. Her previous novel "Oranim" (Yediot Books, 1977) was highly praised.

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