By Golan Avirama (Author)

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In a unique style, in pencil, chalk and pen, and sometimes also in charcoal, Anna Tycho immortalized the people of Jerusalem, the city, the rock and the mountain, and ancient trees, thorns and thistles. And like the trees, so Anna Tycho's art grew. Anna did not sell the paintings. Some of them she gave as gifts, while she kept her most favorite ones for herself. She loved to wander the mountains of Jerusalem, Jericho and Tiberias and paint the landscape and the people. I paint for myself, she said. The people of Jerusalem knew well the little woman with the wide-brimmed hat and the notepad, who walked alone. The beautiful house of Dr. Tycho and his wife, in the heart of the spacious garden and grove, was open to everyone. Before her death, Anna Tycho decided to bequeath the beautiful house, with all the paintings and drawings and rare art collections in it, to the Israel Museum. The house has been renovated, and every day people from all over the world come to enjoy the beauty and generosity of Anna Tycho. Anna Ticho, the little girl whose eyes couldn't get enough of looking at the landscape, made her dream come true: her house is open to everyone,

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