By Sheinfeld Ilan (Author)

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Shmuel Falah's father admonished him from birth to be a rabbi, a rabbi and a rabbi - to take revenge on the kingdom of Spain for a conviction that expelled its Jews from its land, some sixty years earlier. In their adulthood, Shmuel and his brothers become pirates who chase the ships of Spain across the seas and develop an attitude of admiration and enmity towards her. The true story of the Jewish pirate, Shmuel Falah, a diplomat and rabbi, merchant and spy, who worked in the service of the Sultan of Morocco during the 16th century, is woven in the hands of Ilan Sheinfeld's beliefs into the fictitious story of Malika, his red wife, his treasure and his misfortune - a fearless, cruel and compassionate mother and warrior , unfathomably deep, Kim himself. The story of their many vicissitudes of love is guided by the legend of the lost gold of Christopher Columbus, he is Christopher Columbus, the converted Jew who hid his treasures in order to return to them one day and establish a homeland for his persecuted people. As in his great bestseller, Act in the Ring, in The Jewish Pirate's Wife Ilan Sheinfeld reveals a hidden corner of Jewish destiny and reveals the story hidden behind it, waiting to be revealed_ the story of the Jewish pirates, on whose graves in the Caribbean islands their double heritage appears in Hebrew letters and above them are crossed bones . The Jewish Pirate's Wife is an adventure full of passion, violence and intense and bewitching beauty, which grabs the reader without being able to let go - and sends him across vast expanses of sea.

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