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The book "The Doneia" is based on the language of the "Creator of Mental" and enables an experiential learning of this language, in order to enrich the emotional discourse in the family, class and clinic. The uniqueness of the book is accompanied by a variety of ideas for creative activities, conversations and exercises, which encourage children to self -awareness, strengthen their ability to express their inner world and give them tools for behavioral and emotional regulation. Reading in the book is an invitation to children, parents, caregivers and educators to embark on a fascinating journey of experiential acquaintance with themselves: through a story about daily experiences known to a variety of children, they are welcome to know their magic forces and demonstrations, learn how to identify and inspire them and understand what the price they pay for That they let the breasts control their behavior. They also learn that they have the opportunity to choose whether they allow the breasts to take over or activate the internal magic forces within them and to finish the breasts. The book is connected to the healing powers of nature and animals - and sends the children to a magical journey to search for the magic forces hidden in them, through animal observation and learning about their lifestyles and what we can learn from. A group of brave children embarks on a fascinating journey to discover the lost magic forces and learn to deal with the demons. They are accompanied by a help -aid -called "Bonny Bona" - which gives them tools of self -regulation and self -regulation: 'Stop Swiss' that allows to stop and observe through the 'magic binoculars' and thus succeed in identifying situations where the elf manages their behavior, and the 'courage and curiosity' that helps them use the covers Bonnie teaches them to overcome and compile the demons, to become "light fighters." The book has a reference to diverse and common difficulties in children, so almost every child can identify with the characters and find receipts: ADHD, impulsivity, difficulty in rejecting satisfaction and controlling anger, avoidance, children's fears, greatness and self -confidence, difficulty in taking responsibility and dealing with tasks School and more. It is accompanied by a variety of ideas for creative activity, conversations and experiential self -awareness processes - which can be applied in the classroom, family or treatment room. Through these activities - The children learn applied techniques for self -regulation, express emotions, control of anger and impulses, coping with fears, frustrations and negative behavior patterns and more. This process contributes to the construction and reinforcement of the ego forces, by learning that the child is getting to know the impulses and feelings that drive his behavior and acquire an emotional language that encourages more control over them. The language contributes to empowerment and connection to mental resources - and thus the self -image and mental strength are strengthened. Recommendations on the book from veteran and writers: Dr. Naomi Apple, Clinical, Specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Care (CBT Director of the Book Company Institute: Talk CBT with parents and children, Grandpa Jamico's secret container, Grandpa's light button Jamico and another book before you all allows us all, small as a magical journey in the country of mental creatures. Efrat is a kind of wonderful metaphor for elf and magic forces that are in the Heart Kingdom and manage our thinking, emotion and behavior processes. Classes and cultures and allow children, parents and educators to look closely about positive thinking processes to deal with unwanted reality and especially with obstructive thoughts. The children and themselves and in front of significant characters in their lives, "Dr. Chen Nardi, a individual and couple therapist, a parent guide, horticultural and teachers. He holds training for women and treatment personnel on the" Dolphini Model "method developed with Dr. Rebecca Nardi. The author of the book" Be Dolphin " (Jointly with a rabbi Dr. Ka Nardi), and two children's books: "Embrace Dolphin" and "The Sarasha and Dolphin": "I read and fascinated. My reading experience was a combination of visual pleasure from the beautiful paintings, and a breathtaking tension from the encounter with the magic forces and demonstrations in the "country creatures". As a behavioral-cognitive therapist, I marveled at the author's ability, an experienced clinical psychologist in working with children and adults, translate the abstract and professional concepts of the CBT method for receptors that give parents and treat practical tools to deal with a variety of difficulties and problems in the lives of children. Eyal Washbiak is a qualified CBT, Lecturer, Institute Manager and Rashwick: I read the amazing book of Efrat Maxima 'The Donia Journey' in a rich language, suitable for children. Efrat conveys us into the world of imagination, in which the child undergoes all stages of cognitive behavioral therapy, acquires tools and skill that will help him deal with any difficulty or problem, simply amazing 'Hadwah Navon Experts a child care coach with learning disabilities, attention problems and refusal-stubbornness:' ... The book invites us all - children, adolescents and adults for a deep and wonderful internal journey to recognize the special magic forces for each of us and are shared by us, and with the breastfeeding that manages us. Writing wonderful and amazing enemy! ' Comments from mothers who read the book with their children: Adi: Mother of 4 and 6 years old: 'They were really confined !!' After we read two episodes, my little son informed us that he decided to use his magic forces, and that now until the end of Saturday he will use "power to overcome pain" and "power of courage." I was very encouraged and strengthened him and his brother told him he could be a "light fighter" like him. And really he behaved in a mature and calm way for the rest of the Sabbath! ' Poetry: A 6 -year -old for a 9 -year -old child: 'For 4 days the atmosphere in a different home, mostly the big one: as if the very reading of the book that Dununzia is from a series of things, soothing, sub -bush and access. If this is what happens in a normal routine - I imagine what the potential in a treatment room, in the classroom, in school! ... Other. Mostly the big: just organize a pleasant in the morning, ready in time, not running on screen..and more. Fall asleep with your book yesterday so he also reads! I don't stop admiring and getting excited. Mother of an 8 -year -old: 'My child is super smart and sensitive with great difficulties in sensory and emotional regulation, treated with occupational therapy and we are in parental guidance. After reading the book and learning to work with the ballot cards and forces - I was very happy to see that he stopped after a whole year to draw smiling, flowers, butterflies and hearts everything in soft and pleasant pastel colors when I know he has many reasons for anger and frustration inside and he does not express them: suddenly there were paintings of monsters (!), Of people who shoot, and when I asked he said it was people with good magic forces fighting the bad monsters. How glad I was to see that he was starting to express things through his painting and use of words and magic forces immediately reminded me of the cards. I was so excited that the things that were bothering him suddenly on the page and not just inside or anger in front of us. So without therapeutic work, and without a process, and without adjusting, just fluttering on the cards and book, and what a small sentence of a mother trying to explain a past experience, something she learned, a new language she tries to purchase, just happened. I have already managed in less than a week to accumulate a lot of lovely and exciting experiences with the country of soul creatures! Today he returned from school and said to me first: 'Mom, today I was not angry at all, I remembered the story you read to us yesterday about the donut of anger.' Then his own continuation of the story offered: 'One day there was a kid that Dan took over completely and he couldn't beat him. The other children gave him their magic forces and helped him remove the elf that took over. ' He also said to add the "screens" (TV screens, computer screens,) and opposite the power to disengage from the screen!

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