By Micah Goodman (Author)

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The Dream of the Khazari / Micha Goodman The Dream of the Khazari offers a brilliant solution to one of the oldest riddles in the thought of Rabbi Yehuda Halevi . Micah Goodman's book can cause a strong earthquake in one of the basic concepts of Jewish culture. Dov Elboim Foundations and secrets are re-deciphered in Goodman's book The Miracles, which reveals that the Khazari's dream is his dream of every person who seeks to connect his actions with the intentions of his heart. Amona Alon, a writer with his fresh attention to the flexibility and dialogical honesty of the book of the Khazari, succeeds Goodman in extracting the treasure This suffocates the dogmatic readings prevalent today in his inheritance. Goodman returns the loss to its owners, to us, to the reading and learning public. Menachem Lorberbaum, Head of the School of Philosophy Tel Aviv University and the Hartman Institute The Khozari's Dream presents a brilliant, fascinating and thought-provoking argument regarding the tension between The preference of Israel over the Gentiles and racism. Great pleasure for those who are convinced by Goodman's arguments, great pleasure more More so for those who disagree with him, like me. For those as well as for those, this is a book that is important to read. Rabbi Yaakov Madan, Rosh The Mount Etzion yeshiva, Alon Shabbat in the dream of the Khazari becomes from Rabbi Yehuda Halevi's teaching more relevant than ever. Goodman's special reading reveals hidden layers of the Khazari, who copied the book from the beginning of Spain to the world The Existential Belief of Our Day Rabbi Yuval Sharlo, head of the Hesder yeshiva of Petah Tikva

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