By Hosseini Khaled (Author)

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From the publisher of the 1960s in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Two children, Amir and Hassan, are born in the same home and mammal from the same infancy, but nevertheless, they grow in completely different worlds. Amir is the son of a rich and respected businessman, from Cabul's pillars; Hassan is Ali's son, Baba's servant, Amir's father. Amir is a Pastoni, Muslim Sony, a ruling elite in Afghanistan. Hassan is the Ezari, a member of a failed ethnic minority. For these two children - a pre -Soviet cavul is a magical, colorful city, full of exotic smells, lively balleries and kite blossoms, the whole city goes out to take part. The two grow together, a member of friends, a gentleman and a servant, and their fate are intertwined, until one of them is cheated on his friend, while the other, proves that his loyalty to him is more important to him than his life. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and Amir and his father flee their country to find themselves a future in California, Amir thinks he fled his past, but he can't leave Hassan's memory behind. Years later, during the Taliban's horror rule, Amir is a respectable American writer who lives with his wife in San Francisco relatively peacefully. Until a phone call from a family friend, it brings him back to Afghanistan, which is now a devastated, poor and horrible state. He is called to return to his homeland for a difficult and dangerous mission that only if he completes it, will find rest from the memories that have been giving him so many years.

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