By Stefan Zweig (Author)

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"Whoever linked himself to the invisible is stronger than someone who adheres to a physical, since the second was transformed, while the first to be held in the fifth century AD, a colossal pond of Rome by the vandals leads us at a hectic pace to the poor district of Tarsura. There, on the left bank of the Tiber River, the Jewish life, which is preparing to return to themselves at night the most expensive thing of them: the seven -nest lamp. From this moment, we join a moonlight journey, accompany the Jews in their wanderings and in their search for the holy, spirit and faith lamp. The story of the lamp inherently manages to excite today's readers and inspire them a traditional memory and belief that they are probably forgotten by their hearts. Zweig, as he is, flies in words as a magic headquarters, revives his elapsed eras, returns from the depths of consciousness and rehears them with the imagination. Readers become partners in the story; A long and delicate parable that was given in a language like a biblical, a belief that makes eternal on the temporary, the spiritual on the physical.

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