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Two women. Two flights. Last chance to disappear.

Claire Cook has a perfect life. She is married to the scion of a dynasty of politicians, lives in a private house in Manhattan that is managed by a team of ten employees, her environment is elegant, her days are planned forIla and her future is secure. But as we know, behind closed doors nothing is as it seems from the outside. The perfect husband has a short fuse and doesn't hesitate to use his team to track Claire's every move.
Nevertheless, Claire manages to hide her plan to escape from him and arrives at the airport, where she happens to meet a woman whose life circumstances are as difficult as hers. The two make a last minute decision together and exchange the flight tickets between them; Claire boards Ava's flight to Oakland, and Ava travels to Puerto Rico posing as Claire. They believe that the exchange will allow each of them a new start in a distant place. But when the flight to Puerto Rico crashes, Claire realizes that it is no longer a new beginning but a new life. Cut off, without means, when the news of her "death" is about to explode in the media, she adopts the identity of Ava, and with her the burden of the secrets that Ava tried so hard to hide.

Julie Clark is the bestselling author of The Ones We Choose. The Last Flight, her first book to be published in Hebrew, was translated into more than twenty languages ??and was also a global bestseller. Clark lives in Los Angeles with her family.

"A very engrossing book - and not only because of the enticing plot and fast pace, but also because it is surprisingly moving and because of its bittersweet and rewarding ending. The characters will enter your heart." – The New York Times

"There are many plot twists here. Don't stop guessing. You won't be able to put the book down." – People

"The moral dilemmas that the round and realistic characters face in their quest to survive add weight to the heart-pounding tension plot. Clarke is without a doubt an author to follow.” - Publishers Weekly, starred review

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