By Abramovich Yuval (Author)

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Shout your dreams - someone will hear you! Do you have a dream? It's time to fulfill it. All you need is a page and pen, internet connection, open mind and this book. The "list" is a practical, inspiring and motivated guide, written with sweeping and humorous honesty, it is based on a blog that swept thousands of people around the world: people who recorded their dreams, shared on social networks and fulfill small and big dreams. What makes people light forward with their aspirations and realize them. Regardless of their financial situation? What makes others stay behind with a sense of missed and unlucky? Why are we hesitant to express our wishes loudly? And how can we harness social networks to promote our goals? In this experiential book you will find dozens of thought -provoking stories, tips, insights and techniques collected during a four -year study, which surrounded thousands of lists worldwide. The book contains dozens of pillars that have sent your imagination and thought, as well as a fundraising chapter through the Internet. Yuval Abramovich found himself at the age of 16 was confined to a wheelchair - but dreams of a pink future. Once many of his dreams, he invites you to release all the barriers, fears, prejudices and cynical views, take a pen and page and go out with him on your private "list" journey. Or in his own words: "I believe that it is not the" universe "that hears us - but the people, this is also why I scream my dreams in people who can help me." Yuval Abramovich is a television and media man, actor, writer, entrepreneur and owner of "Culture Hero - the Writing School". He is also the happy father of poetry and manga. His previous books "Here Yael Weiss, Tel Aviv" and "Please behave accordingly", the Rebbe became a bestseller.

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