By Abramowitz Yuval (Author)

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One evening Ido whispers to his monkey doll who has no friends to play with them at school. The next day he finds a large and decorated box on his bed and in it a wonderful magic potion. Corporate potion. You just have to sip one small sip each morning and the magic of the companies happens. But then it turns out that the magic works better when he testified to the children ... The wonderful potion is an exciting story about a distressed child and a big, smart sister who realizes that there are magic potions in reality, and that the magic works mainly if he helps him with a smile and a good word. The wonderful potion is Yuval Abramovich's sixth children's book, an international writer and lecturer, a author of many, successful and beloved books, including the book series' The List 'and' The List to the Children ',' I have no but I have ',' The man who loved his phone And more.

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