By Daniel Silva (Author)

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She was dressed in the best designer clothes - from the luxurious leather bag she was carrying to the tips of her shiny shoes. There was something about her, the new girl...
Mystery surrounds the identity of the dark-haired and beautiful girl, who arrives every morning at the exclusive schoolIn Switzerland in a black armored limousine, accompanied by another security vehicle. She is said to be the daughter of a rich businessman.
In fact, her father is Khaled bin Mohammed, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who is vilified for his part in the murder of an anti-regime journalist. When his only home is hijacked, he turns to the only man who can find it before it's too late. Gabriel Alon, the legendary commander of Israeli intelligence, spent most of his life fighting terrorists. After Prince Khaled pledges to break Saudi support for terrorism, they become forced allies.
Both have a long line of enemies, and both may lose everything.

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