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The next day he was received in France with great love. Melissa da Costa's heart-wrenching book sold about half a million copies, starred for months on bestseller lists, and made her one of the most successful authors in her homeland. This is her first book translated into Hebrew.

In a remote village, in a rented and shabby looking house, Amand tries to pick up the pieces. But how can this be done when the blinds are closed, the darkness is enveloping, and the only ones who host her for company are the memories: of her husband, the love of her heart, who died unexpectedly, and with him the dreams of the family they almost started.

The weeks pass and so do the months. Faint light slowly penetrates inside, and Amand dares to look around. In the old house where she lives, she finds memories of another woman: detailed gardening diaries, in the neat handwriting of Madame Og, the previous tenant. Amand reads them and is jealous of the passion that rises from the pages. What does it have to do with growing a garden, what does it have to do with life in general.

But when Amand discovers that Madame Aug also lost her lover, and gardening was what saved her from the abyss of heartbreak, she decides to give it a try. She goes out to the garden described in the notebooks, the one that once blossomed and its flowers spread an intoxicating smell, and now it is abandoned and deserted. And there, in the cyclical connection to nature, she discovers herself again, the unmediated contact with the earth, the power to reincarnate. Every tomorrow brings with it a new promise, and a future that has meaning.

The next day is an invitation to live with open eyes, to stimulate the senses, to shake the heart. This is a beautiful song of praise to a rich and wild nature, which has healing properties and a miraculous ability to reconcile us with life, those that were and those that are still left to us.

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