By Yehoshua A.B (Author)

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Freshly and joyfully, Yehoshua leads us in this carnival short novel to a new heroine and place for him. The Italian-Jewish Rachele Luzzatto - a childish and spoiled only child, who lives with her well-to-do family in a small town near Venice - carries the full plot, the present, which lasts less than three months, on her delicate shoulders. These open in the days of preparation for Christmas and the celebrations of New Year's Eve, the year 2000 - days of heightened Christian atmosphere. The holiday atmosphere fuels the confusion of the identities of Rachel, the granddaughter of a devout Catholic (her beloved grandfather) and of a Jewish World War survivor (who during the war wore a false identity and served as a priest in a remote rural church). While she is busy studying prayers, mitzvahs and Hebrew in preparation for her Bat Mitzvah celebration in the spring, her teachers find her to be the most suitable to play the role of the Mother of God in the Christmas play at school, but to protect her heart, her father forbids her to participate in the play. The challenge to the cages of "identity" and "belonging", which characterizes Yehoshua's fiction, feeds in this book a wry look at ethnic-religious identity. Yehoshua teases her through her ridiculous battering in her contradictions. Throughout the book, Rachel walks through countless colorful ironic mirrors, from which mixed identities are reflected, with the "addition" of extraneous details. The amazing ingenuity of Yehoshua Oletz comes out and celebrates here especially in these confusions. Rachel, whose childhood fear of being left alone in the world, due to the growth discovered in her father's brain (the "addendum"), will bring the Jewish-Christian-pagan Holy Spirit into her personal life, and thus "I will always remain me."

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