By Yuval Blumberg (Author)

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Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. Today we declare that the conflict in the Middle East is over. Today we agreed to promise mothers and children, Arabs and Jews, that no finger will pull the trigger again, will not endanger life and will not harm dignity and happiness.

- Shimon Peres

The first Oslo Accords were signed on the lawns of the White House on September 13, 1993. Its Israeli architects believed that it would bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian bloody conflict and establish a new Middle East. But hope was shattered to the ground of reality, and the streets of Israel were filled with unprecedented terror. what went wrong?
In the in-depth, original and fluid essay that you hold in your hands, which includes the use of archival material that has only recently come to light, Yuval Bloomberg reveals what happened behind the scenes of the drafting of the agreements, the negotiations full of pitfalls, the political intrigues, the small concealments and the big lies, the dreams, the illusions - and the disillusionment.

The Oslo Trap is a fascinating and tragic historical document that re-illuminates the political, political and moral fault lines that have been shaping the State of Israel for thirty years. Both those who supported the Oslo process and those who saw it as a disaster will find in it a sober discussion about the possibility of peace, about the price that should be paid, about the way to end terrorism and about the future of the common Zionist dream. All of these are accompanied by surprising and disturbing revelations about the events that will continue to have a profound effect on our lives for many years to come.

How did the personal enmity between Peres and Rabin motivate the Oslo process?
Who called the Oslo Accords a "Palestinian Trojan Horse"?
Why was the kidnapping of Nachshon Waxman hidden from Peres?
How did the media try to shape the public's position regarding the agreements?

Yuval Blomberg is a high-tech person and publicist, who has devoted the last decade to detailed documentation and processing of the multitude of information sources related to the Oslo Accords. This book was born out of a sense of mission and a desire to bring to the public's attention the story of the Oslo Accords as closely as possible to the facts. Bloomberg is married and has five children. This is his first book.

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