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Bag-bag Bag-bag... no-baby no-baby... a feminist activist is found in her apartment lifeless, tied to a chair, a baby doll taped to her hands and the word 'mother' engraved on her forehead as the sign of Cain. When a famous actress is murdered in the same ritualistic way, the media as a concoction, and the police search for the thread connecting the women. Hidden among the wax dolls of the Bible museum where she works, Sheila Heller, the protagonist of the book, knows very well what it is. She also knows very well that the victims were not the first to pay with their lives for the secret alliance they made years ago, when they were students at Bar Ilan University. What Sheila does not know Is she the suspect? Or maybe she's next in line? Who wants to kill women who refuse to give birth, and why? Sheila's questions have one answer. But it's the only answer she's not ready to accept. The Other is a dark and polished psychological thriller, wrapped around one of the big questions of our time. In her unparalleled style and with dizzying momentum, Shahra Blau contrasts the ethos of motherhood with the Jewish myth that accompanies biblical figures such as the prophetess, Michal, the daughter of Saul, and the wife of Obe. The otherness is an exciting layer in the body of Shahra Blau's works, about their magical features - puberty and Camilla, choice and punishment, Life and death - an original and versatile work.

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