By Elam Uzi (Author)

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After exposing the Islamic terrorist network in Paris and operating in the cyber field in Singapore, Dr. Gideon Ben Ari thinks he has finally reached his resting place. But when during the ceremony of the canopy of his daughter Noam and his young partner Dan Avni, Gideon receives an urgent message about a chain of attacks carried out using new capabilities and worrisome, and he understands that the deceased and the estate will have to wait. Dr. Nimer Al Khaldi is a sophisticated opponent who has his hand in everything. He is an emissary of Hassan Nasrallah and Imad Mu'aniya, the commander of the military wing of Hezbollah, and works alongside Iraqi rocket scientists and dirty bomb developers. He contributes knowledge and resources to North Korea and works night and day to avenge the death of his loved ones in the Sabra and Shetila massacre. But Nimer came to terrorism at the end of a long journey whose roots are deeply rooted in the land of Israel and in friendship with a young boy from Kibbutz Ein Yaakov named Gideon. Now Gideon and Nimr are on a collision course. They do not know that the persecutor and the persecuted have already met, and that the line between enemy and lover, friend and predator, is more blurred than ever. The Path of Blood is a thriller that seems to have been drawn from newspaper headlines and web pages, ranging between Israel's wars and current security and between modern and technological warfare. This is a story that takes place in the age of missile wars, the developments and capabilities of finding a target in the big data stack. Brigadier General (res.) Uzi Elam, graduate of the Technion in mechanical engineering and performance research, was the commander of the 71st Battalion in the Parachute Brigade that fought in Jerusalem during the Six Day War. He served as the Chief Scientist of the Defense Establishment, former Director General of the Atomic Energy Committee in the Prime Minister's Office. The blood trail is His seventh book. It was preceded by the thrillers California Triangle, Trap in Paris, Cyber ??in Singapore and the bestsellers Keshet Elam and Testimony from the Pit.

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