By Israel's Supreme Court (Author)

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Israel Katz, the son of Holocaust survivors, a settler in Lachish, a yeshiva high school graduate and a paratrooper officer, writes in his book The Power to Do about his long years in Israeli politics in a variety of positions: Member of Knesset, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Intelligence, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance, and details the It was envisioned on a variety of issues: how to properly act against Iran, Gaza and Hezbollah, what is the economic and political strategy that the State of Israel should adopt, how to open the economy to competition against the monopolies, how to lower the cost of living and deal with the housing crisis, and how to connect the Gulf countries to the ports of the Mediterranean." I am a performer. I know how to make decisions, take an idea and make it mature into reality. I did this by connecting the Galilee and the Negev through a network of roads and trains that changed the face of the country. I did this by abolishing the port monopoly and establishing two new ports. I did this with the Open Skies initiative which created competition and made cheap flights possible for everyone, and I did this in the management of the economic crisis following the Corona epidemic. I saved a million unemployed people from starvation and hundreds of thousands of businesses from collapse, while maintaining the leading position of Israel's economy in the world. "A true leader must be connected to the public. He must not be disconnected. He must know what concerns the public, what bothers it, what threatens it and what disturbs it. A true leader must also be an executive with a vision, but one who knows how to realize it and ensure its execution. A person who knows how to make decisions with courage, without fear or apprehension of any factor. That is why a true leader must be clean-handed. One that no one can criticize and prevent him from making clean and matter-of-fact decisions. "In my 25 years in politics, I have never had a blemish stick to me. All the decisions I made were honest, matter-of-fact and goal-oriented. I decided and acted solely for the benefit of the cause for which I was elected - to contribute to the people and the country."

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