By Mousseau Guillaume (Author)

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Remember that we have two lives - the second begins the day we realize that we only have one. Lisa dreams of becoming an actress. To finance her acting studies, she works in a bar in Manhattan. One evening she meets Arthur Costello, a young doctor. The connection between them is immediate. In the labyrinth of the city that does not give rest, Lisa chooses to put all the cards on Arthur. But Arthur is not like the others. Soon he reveals the terrible truth to her: "What is happening to me is unimaginable, yet very real..." Two years earlier he had inherited an old isolated lighthouse, where the cellar was sealed and locked. Despite being told not to, Arthur broke through the cellar door and was drawn into a vortex that consumed his life. His meeting with Lisa changes everything and gives him hope. From then on, Arthur and Lisa have only one obsession: to thwart the trap forced upon them by the most cruel enemy - time. Guillaume Mousseau, born in France, 1974, is the most successful writer in France. The son of a librarian, already at the age of ten he dreamed of becoming a writer. His books have been translated into 40 languages ??and have sold 33 million copies so far. His books The Voice of the Angel, Tomorrow, Central Park, The Girl from Brooklyn, An Apartment in Paris and The Secret Lives of the Writers were published by Kinneret Zamora and were bestsellers. "A dizzying psychological thriller with a shocking ending... Guillaume Musseau is the master of suspense!" Le Figaro "A novel composed by the hand of an artist until its glorious end." L'Express "Romance, drama and tension - Guillaume Mousseau brings another of his creations to perfection!" Panak

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