By Horvitz Greg (Author)

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The man from nowhere returns! As a child Evan Smoke was chosen and taken from the orphanage where he lived. He was raised and trained as part of Project X - a secret government program, in which he was sent to the most dangerous places in the world to carry out missions, which the government denies any involvement with. Then he escaped from the project, went underground and became the man from nowhere, a figure lurking in the fog who offers help only to the most desperate. Evan is forced to take early retirement, but then a new phone call arrives: "Evan, this is your mother, I heard you help people..." She asks him to protect Andrew Duran, a complete stranger who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But is it really his mother? Can he trust her? Duran has set his sights on a particularly dangerous man who knows no boundaries, and he sends after him a pair of bloodthirsty killers - a deadly brother and sister. As the ring around Duran tightens, Evan discovers that this time his mission becomes very personal, and the blood that is about to be spilled may be his own... prepare to stay up all night!

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