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Readers of "The Lost Village" need no introduction to author Lorna Cook. Those who dived into her first book will also enjoy this book, and will not be able to put it down until its surprising end. Lorna Cook, one of the most successful British authors of recent years, has once again created a captivating bestseller, which writer Nicola Scott ("My Mother's Shadow") defined as "a family drama full of secrets, twists and turns and a wonderful love story." Scotland, 1940. World War II is raging in Europe, but at Invermurray House everything is peaceful. But then, exactly on her 21st birthday, minutes after she escapes from her own party, Constance stands in front of the lake near her house and can't believe her eyes. Is she the only one who just saw a military plane crash into the water? Will you be able to save the pilot? And why would such an act change her life forever? Scotland, 2020. Kate is looking for a new job. It was not her choice, but she has no choice: she must leave London, which she loves so much, and find herself a temporary job. She manages to get a job in an old aristocratic house, which is being converted into a boutique hotel. But there, almost by chance, Kate will discover an old and exciting story that she will not be able to put down, until it becomes clear to the end.

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