By Levi Elgrod Dana (Author)

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promise. One word that holds a whole world. She can save me and she can destroy me. A promise must be kept. I live an abundant life. Surrounded by suitors, a loving family and my twin sister, who is educated and kind-hearted. my better half I do not apologize for my pride and arrogance. I walk tall in Warsaw, my beloved city, as if it were my own private kingdom. Winds of war are blowing in Europe but for me they are nothing more than a light breeze that gracefully ruffles my hair. I am a proud and invincible Pole. My life is perfect except for one spot that I discovered only now - my mother is a member of a Jewish family. I deny this stain, but my sister embraces it and abandons me in search of a safe beach that I am not at all interested in. She leaves behind two things. Her only suitor, a Polish police officer, and his promise to her. A promise that he would look after me and wait for her. He always keeps his promises. The duet "The Promise" is a shocking historical novel with many ups and downs, which exposes the readers to the period of the Second World War in Poland and a larger-than-life love story. The two volumes in the duet are the eighteenth and nineteenth books of bestselling author Dana Levy Elgrod. Her historical book Fleur de Lis was highly praised and starred in bestseller lists.

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