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The Path of the Rats is a mesmerizing, shocking and fascinating book. John Le Carre July 1949. A man in his fifties died alone in a hospital in Rome. There is very little information about him and most of it is incorrect. Even the cause of his death is not clear. More than half a century later, following a meeting with the dead man's son, the lawyer and writer Philip Sands begins to trace the life and death of the man - the Nazi criminal Otto von Wechter, who was the governor of the Galicia region in Poland occupied by Nazi Germany. The fascinating journey in the book includes, among other things, meetings with personalities who knew Wechter, conversations with a host of experts and the disclosure of the thousands of diary pages and letters that Wechter and his wife left behind. His character and his life story are unfolded in full, from his childhood in the Austro-Hungarian Empire to his death, four years after the war. The Rat Path is a breathtaking detective story that features a high-ranking Nazi, mass murder, love, espionage during the Cold War, a mysterious death in Rome, and five burials of one murderer. Philip Sands is a British lawyer who specializes in international law, a professor of law at University College London and a writer. Sands was involved as a lawyer in many important cases, including the trial of the dictator Augusto Pinochet, and his articles are regularly published in the "Financial Times" and the "Guardian". His book East West Street was published in Hebrew by Kinneret-Zamora. In 2017, Yitzhak Herzog, then a member of the Knesset and now the President of the State, wrote a column in "Haaretz" about "Prof. Philip Sands' fascinating book, Mizrah-West Street", which presents "an abundance of discoveries and preliminary findings, which add up to a shocking human story, which turns a subject "Jabushoshi's sentences for a fascinating saga".

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