By Eyal Nadav (Author)

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The world order that was built with blood and hard work in the last decades is severely cracked. Out of its fragments a new reality emerges: a widespread and uncompromising rebellion against globalization. This rebellion is related to each and every one of us personally: it will affect the chances of the next war, the pension portfolio of retirees, how many children are born to young families and the future of the Middle East. Everywhere, people feel that their identity, livelihood and security are threatened - and they are rejecting the economic and political system that has been built since World War II. Nadav Eyal, foreign news editor of Channel 10, presents us with a human journey through the trenches of the rebellion. Eyal brings the sweeping story of his heroes, whom he met as a journalist in the field: when he spoke with American coal miners a few months before the extraordinary victory of Donald Trump in the presidential elections, when he accompanied Syrian refugees from Aleppo walking on the railway tracks in Hungary, when covering the terrorist attack in Mumbai in India, when visiting villages Childless Japanese and the conversations he has had with neo-Nazis, fascists and extreme leftists in the last decade. The Rebellion Against Globalization presents the reader with the dark side of the phenomenon that changed our world: the forgotten slave revolt in Haiti, the opium wars and the way they shaped modern China, the birth of the modern Ku Klux Klan organization under the influence of a movie, and more. "The lights are now going out all over Europe. We will not see them ignited again in our lifetime", warned the British Foreign Minister before the First World War, and Eyal echoes that warning: there is an acute threat to the idea of ??preemption itself, and a great battle will be required to save it.

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