By Michal Daliot and Sharon Parr (Author)

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What do you want your children to be when they grow up? May they be happy. to realize their potential. May they live a meaningful life. May it be successful and successful. Is there a recipe that can guarantee the fulfillment of this shared parental desire? Is there a way of education that, if we follow it carefully, we will raise a successful and successful boy or girl? In order to provide answers, Michal Daliot and Sharon Parr put the research and theories aside and set out to meet parents who really did it in a proven way - parents who raised groundbreaking and inspiring children: soccer player Eran Zahavi and computer scientist Dr. Kira Radinsky. Activist and social entrepreneur Adi Altshuler and commander of a Metch patrol Formerly Uri Gordin. The musician and creator Idan Raichel and the CEO of Facebook Adi Sofer-Thani. The basketball player Omri Caspi and the doctor with cerebral palsy Dr. Hodia Oliel. and more. The recipe for raising successful children is a collection of conversations with fathers and mothers who allowed for the first time an in-depth look into their family, values ??and educational world. It compiles the best child-rearing practices that every parent can adopt and implement in their family. As the book demonstrates, the way we raise our children has a decisive effect on their success as adults. Michal Daliot is an educator and a senior family counselor. CEO and owner of the Michal Daliot Center. Host of the program Soprananny. Host of a weekly counseling program on "Non-Stop Radio", lectures to various audiences throughout Israel and the world. Her books for parents and children are bestsellers. Sharon Farr is a communications and education professional who combines his media work and his work as an educator in a high school for at-risk youth and a counselor for teenage parents, a Ynet columnist on parenting and education, a lecturer in the field of parenting for teenagers and presents the podcast Parents and Children together with Michal Daliot.

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