By Ben Shapiro (Author)

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The condition of humans has never been better than it today in Western countries. This is thanks to the values that Jerusalem and Athens brought into the world. If so, why are we going to throw everything in the trash? As a society, we forget that many of humanity's achievements throughout history have happened thanks to people who believed in both Jewish-Christian values and the power of reason, after the future in ancient Greece. These values gave rise to humanism and science, defeated the Nazis and the communists, built America, put an end to slavery, rescued billions of clarity and gave a framework and spiritual purpose. In this book, the renowned American political journalist and commentator Ben Shapiro spreads a sheet that extends over more than 3,500 years, from the philosophy of ancient time to modern politics, to show how the freedoms given to us are built on a pair of perceptions-every man created in the photographer, and humans We have wisely enabled them to examine the world of God. These values that have allowed the birth of science, the forefront, human rights, the prosperity, the peace and the beauty of art. However, we are in the midst of a process in which we abandon the Jewish-Christian values and the natural sentence of the Greeks, and witnesses to the collapse of our civilization for old tribe, material hedonism, focus on the center of the individual at the expense of the idea of community and mutual guarantee, and withdraw Clearly, with a straight man in his eyes he will do. The West is a special entity, and in its fascinating book of history, Ben Shapiro calls us to re -find the moral compass that is permeable each of us to be a better person, and our duty to work together for the good of the rule. "Ben Shapiro's Book fulfills its purpose to remind us what the West's ideology is right" - Washington Post "This is a well -reasoned and reasoned book, exactly what Shapiro's visitors do not want to read" - Nicki Haley, formerly the Ambassador of the United States to Shapiro offers " In his book, a "user -friendly" dive into some of our greatest ideas of our civilization " - Washington Accessiner

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