By Horan Shepra (Author)

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In the beginning, the memories were colored in amazing brown tones, and they were not mine. This is how Alexandra, the last remnant of a female line, begins to unravel the history of her family, and weaves them into her own life. A picture of a little girl, offering a bunch of field flowers to a man of the generation above her, leads her on a journey whose roots are planted in the Ottoman period, and whose peak is carried up to the signing of the Oslo Accords and the assassination of Rabin. Alexandra is writing the book in the guest house for writers and nationalists in Mishkanim Shananim in Jerusalem, in the place where her family has always lived. In the writing room, which overlooks the view her ancestors watched, she traces the fateful forces that determined the course of her family, and weaves the love stories of the women who inhabit the pages of the book, who shed new light on her life and decipher the secrets of her existence. Shoshana the orphan, who marries an adventurer-poet; The fruit of their love, the wild and beautiful Victoria, and her relationship with the British crown prince; Eduarda, the illegitimate daughter, who married an amputated hunter; Abigail, her unit, who turns her back on all men, and finally Alexandra the narrator, whose father's fate is unknown. Her journey is accompanied by real and illusory figures, dead and alive, as well as a white donkey on whose back everyone believes the Messiah will come, English consuls, a Turkish pasha, a cat named George who returns and reappears throughout the generations, and one grumpy goat named Vashti, whose age led to a vegetarian tradition in the family . In the meantime, Jerusalem is resurrected awaiting redemption, and from there the plot unfolds in the streets of Victorian and conservative London, with dark creatures bubbling in it. The room in front of the walls is a colorful family history saga, wide-ranging and full of passion, which redraws one of the fascinating chapters in the history of the country, and melts into one piece historical facts and discussion, but above all, it is a story that brings us together with our past. Shefra Horn is a member of a Jerusalem family that has lived in the city for many generations. All of her books were bestsellers, translated into many languages ??and won many awards in Israel and around the world, including the Prime Minister's Award, the Brenner Award, the Artisan Award and more.

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