By Grinstein Gidi (Author)

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The term Gemikash was created from a combination of the words flexible and rigid to describe the secret of the existence of the Jewish people, and The reasons for its strength, its prosperity and its leadership over the generations - reasons that are based on the special way in which Judaism combines Between new and old, innovation and conservatism, flexibility and rigidity. In this book, Gidi Grinstein embarks on a fascinating journey to uncover This secret, and to understand its meaning for the special mission of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. Meanwhile, Grinstein answers questions such as: £ Who is responsible for the eternity of the Jewish people and why will candles be lit Shabbat even in hundreds of years? Why are the Jews united even when they are divided? £ How is the 'Wandering Jew' a symbol of weakness, but also a source of resilience? £ What are Jewish democracy, economics Jewishness and Jewish reticence? £ Why do the Jews challenge great empires? £ How did the Jewish people recover from the destruction of the Second Temple, the expulsion from Spain and the Holocaust? £ Why is anti-Zionism an integral part separated from Judaism? Why is a vibrant diaspora a Zionist imperative? Can the State of Israel become a threat to The Jewish people? £ Why will Israel be tested in its attitude towards the Israeli Arabs and the Palestinians? £ In what way were the Jews a light to the Gentiles, and why is it important for Israel to be a model society? This is a must-read book for everyone Those who care about the future of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

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