By Micah Goodman (Author)

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The Secrets of the Perplexed Teacher / Goodman Micah The Maimonides, Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, believed that there was a secret, a sublime and inaccessible body of knowledge, the exposure to which is the purpose of life. Redemptive knowledge. He believed that his historical task was to decipher it, pass it on, and at the same time preserve it As a secret. This is the reason for writing the "Teacher of the Perplexed", which brings together the principles of Rambam's philosophy, and is considered one of the most important highlights of his work. A book that unknowingly changed Jewish philosophy. In the preface to the "Teacher of Perplexed" the Rambam swears the reader who managed to touch the knowledge of the Redeemer, to refrain from sharing the secrets with other people. Not to reveal them. The Rambam's oath has been broken in every generation, and the secrets of the Teacher of Perplexed joins this tradition of breaking the oath. Dr. Micha Goodman explains in an accessible style and in a clear language the mysteries of the Torah of the "Teacher of the Perplexed", and also clarifies why the Rambam's philosophical answers from 800 years ago also answer burning questions of the perplexed at the beginning of the twenty-first century. "Micah Goodman is a wonderful guide to the magical mazes of the Teacher of the Perplexed. This is a fascinating, delightful, and awaited book." Prof. Ze'ev Haroi, Head of the Department of Israeli Thought, The Hebrew University "Micah Goodman's inspiring book is an important and profound contribution to the understanding of the largest and most complex work in the history of Jewish philosophy." Prof. Moshe Halbertal, Hebrew University, New York University "Micah Goodman makes accessible one of the founding texts of Jewish philosophy and turns it into a tool for clarifying fundamental questions in human life and society and their relationship to the heavenly realms." Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau, rabbi of the Ramban community and head of the Beit Morsha Beit Midrash for Social Justice "The secrets of the teacher of the perplexed contain an exciting and relevant possibility: the liberation of the Israeli consciousness from the habits of religious language, and the restoration of the concept of 'God' to the thoughts of the critical and perplexed educated." Dr. Ruth Calderon, Alma College

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