By Jivin Linda (Author)

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China is too big to not know about. She is too important not to know about. China shapes today's world in many ways, overt and hidden, and will probably shape tomorrow's world even more. But how much do you know about China? Let's try another way: how much do you know about China compared to how much do you know about the United States, about France, about Italy, about Britain? It seems to me that for most of us it is too easy to answer this question. We know much more about Lincoln and Napoleon, about Nietzsche and Queen Elizabeth. And compared to them, much less about the Han dynasty, about Lao-tzu, about Sun Yat-sen. on the three kingdoms. We know not only less about China and its designers than about many other countries, but simply too little. Modern China is many things to many people. It is a major economic power, a symbol of authoritarian rule. Urban, oppressive, growing, dense, vibrant, imperialistic. Its history is long, the geography is complicated, the human mosaic is diverse. In order to really know her, you probably have to dedicate a whole life to her. All in all, we offer a short, colorful and rhythmic visit. A visit of the curious. How much do we know about China? If, as happened to me a few years ago, it suddenly becomes clear to you that you know too little, much less than you should know, this book, - The Shortest History of China - will be an excellent gateway to a fascinating world. He will be to you like the most famous line from the Dao De Jing: "The journey of a thousand li begins from beneath the sole of the foot." Linda Jivin has been involved in Chinese politics, language and culture for more than forty years. She has been a reporter in China, and is co-editor of the China Story Yearbook, a fellow at the Australian Center for China Affairs at the Australian National University and the author of twelve books

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