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There are books in which the wonder of their very writing is present on every page. The Silence is such a book. Its author is a young man who was born and raised in Israel, and until his mid-30s he never even visited Poland. But his grandmother, a survivor of Europe's labor camps, concentration and extermination, his silent grandmother Mania, who kept silent about her childhood and youth, and kept silent about her first marriage, and kept silent about the story of her eldest daughter, ignited his curiosity and his imagination and sent him on a very long private journey, during which he slowly formed But this book - a book that, even though it was written from a distance of decades and thousands of kilometers from the events around which it was woven, it is read and experienced as if it was written from their source and burned in their flames. Already on the first page of this great work, Yuval Moon plunges his readers into the whirlwind of life of a Jewish family in Krakow in the beginning of the 20th century, and from then on he leads them inside it, and around it, and beyond it, into the depths of history in its darkest moments. To turn the trillions of details of those days into a dizzying, compelling and shocking story. The Silence is a unique book in its vividness and the intensity of the experience inherent in reading it. This is a book in which large parts were imagined by the power of love, and yet, and perhaps precisely because of this, it gives its readers a sense of historical sharing, as if it were a rare diary that was suddenly discovered.

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