By Roy Reuven and Viniv Arbiv (Author)

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3 central areas in our world for generating income: business entrepreneurship, trading in the capital market and the world of real estate investments. Each of these three areas is a world in its own right, and we bring their main points in this book. The book includes practical tools for conduct that must be learned and applied in the world of business and entrepreneurship in general and in the field of the capital market And real estate in particular: how do you negotiate? How do you buy real estate? How do you generate income from the stock market with hedged risk? How do you wake up in the morning with tons of energy? How do you close a deal? - all of these are general questions, some of which are relevant to all areas of our lives, regardless of the business field in which we are active, and knowing the answers to them is essential for everyone A situation in life, in everything we do, not only as business people. The book 'The Money Triangle' is one of the most comprehensive and practical books in the world of entrepreneurship and money. It provides a broad overview, rich in knowledge and experience in all areas of investment: entrepreneurship, real estate and the capital market. The authors, Roy Reuven and Viniv Arbiv, provide the reader with a practical and applicable toolbox for proper financial management. This is a must-have book for those taking their first steps in the field, for those well-versed in the world of investments and for those who have reached retirement age. Highly recommend." Yael Waltzer, economics reporter, ynet "After decades of dealing with economics in all media, I was very happy to finally come across a detailed and accessible guidebook. Yaniv and Roi's book gives the beginner entrepreneur and investor, in a language that is equal to everyone, the necessary tools to get on the right path and avoid rookie mistakes. They extend to the reader an experienced hand that will take him safely to the other side of the business minefield - the side of success and satisfaction." Gadi Suknik, journalist, TV presenter, Roy Reuven and Viniv Arbiv are two successful entrepreneurs with more than two decades of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and finance. In 2005 they They decided to establish "Psagot College", which today includes six branches and employs more than 80 employees. Roi Viniv established the network of co-working spaces, dogether, which caters to hundreds of community members who see dogether as a home, and they are also the owners of a private holding company, Bendel. that focuses on yield transactions in profitable real estate. Roy and Viniv do not keep the vast knowledge they possess to themselves, and this is their uniqueness. Although they have never studied education in a formal way, nothing is more important to them than teaching others the secrets of entrepreneurship and money. This book is another expression of this Yair Tal In writing the real estate chapter, Yair Tal helped us. Yair, formerly a senior manager in the high-tech industry, began his career as a real estate investor in 2004 and gained extensive experience in investments in Israel and overseas, and is currently the owner and co-CEO of Urbanipro, a company specializing in entrepreneurship and real estate investments in Europe and the United States. Yair is Senior lecturer in the real estate division of "Psagot College", where he trained hundreds of students and real estate entrepreneurs.

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