By Tami Shem -Tov (Author)

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It was a beautiful language.
And the language fell asleep, it became obsolete, it was not spoken for almost two thousand years.
Who can wake her from her sleep?
Every boy and every girl!
Because they will talk about it and play about it and dream about it and grow up with it.
And who will invent words for the children
News, which was missing like ice cream and jam and a doll?
Eliezer Ben Yehuda!
The man and the legend.

Author Tami Shem-Tov tells children about the revival of the Hebrew language in an original fairy tale whose heroes are a beautiful language, a determined man who sought to awaken it and a new generation of children who grew up with it. Among her books for children and youth: Matti's Orange Revolution, I'm not a thief, I'm not leaving, and what's your name now, Grandpa Sabih and books in the Inventors and Discoverers series. Tami Shem-Tov won many awards including the Zeev Award, the Bialik Award and the Leah Goldberg Award.

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