By Hochstetter Tamar (Author)

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Noah tried to serve the sorceress Mombizan as best he could, but it was never enough; Mombizan refused to raise him a level in the sorcery ranks. One day he decided to perform the most complicated magic of all. That way he would prove to her that he was already worthy, but at the moment of truth something went wrong: a strange song burst from his throat and made the great sorceress shrink like a deflated balloon. All her powers dissipated at once. Now he will have to carry her on a dangerous journey to the only one who can untie the broken magic. On the way they will meet starving eels, kidnapped chickens and mountains that never stop shaking. An old story accompanies them - a story about a mysterious and outcast boy, the servant of a powerful rooster. But if it is really just an act, who is the howler in the wind? Tamar Hochstetter is a writer, illustrator and editor. Her book Cherubina won the Ramat Gan prize for literature, and her book Dono and the unusual things that happened to him won the Minister of Culture's award named after Deborah Omer.

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