By Leah Goldberg (Author)

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The Scattered from Kfar Azer from the New Testament / Leah Goldberg The book Scattered from Kfar Azer was written and illustrated by Leah Goldberg in 1968 based on a Russian work by Samuel Maharashak. The book has since become an iron sheep asset of Hebrew children's literature, and generations of children have been, and still are, fascinated by the plots of The scattered from Kfar Azar. Leah Goldberg was born in Russia on May 29, 1911, immigrated to Israel in 1935, and died on January 15, 1970. She was a writer, poet, translator and literature researcher, one of the pioneers of children's literature in Israel. Winner of the Israel Prize for Literature for the year 1970. On the centenary of her birth, the book is presented in a new and fresh outfit accompanied by the captivating illustrations of the illustrator Nathalie Waxman Schenker.

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