By Ran Weber (Author)

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"He's constantly trying to ruin me." "What is your wife saying about it? She also has the story she is stuck in ... maybe this is something she says from her story? "We experience reality through stories, which are our interpretation of what is going on around us and us. A good story can bring us to life full of satisfaction, hope and love. Our stories, the way we interpret the reality of our lives, can change if we are able to recognize them and in the power they shape our lives. How will we identify the stories that control our lives? What can be done after identifying? And what is a true good story anyway? In his new book, Ran Weber, author of the bestseller "The Secret of the Good Point", "to be joyful" and "Reboot the Day", to a journey to the depth of the stories that run our lives. In light of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, we will discover the precious opportunity to look at them and the ability to re -tell them. The book combines tools from the worlds of treatment, life stories and exercises to implement insights into everyday life.

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