By Svetitzky Eilat (Author)

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I am another link in the chain. Another number that was pasted as a mark on the clothes that belonged to me and belonged to everyone. I didn't belong to anyone. I belonged to everyone. I am this place. And this place is me. Just before the age of forty, Renana Shaked finds herself at the starting point. All she wants for herself is peace, but returning home to Kibbutz "The Haunted" awakens in her painful memories of the past and forces her to confront everything she left behind years ago. She doesn't want to fall in love. She is not looking for a husband. She wants only one thing without anything standing in her way - to be a mother. She has a plan, and if she just follows it, she will make her dream come true. Alon Azoulai is not part of the program. He is a distraction that could lead her astray. He puts a mirror in her face that she doesn't want to look at, and if she's not careful, the price could be devastating. He is the complete opposite of everything she was looking for, but what if the complete contrast between them is also what can make her whole? Eilat Savitsky grew up in Kibbutz Nirim in the Western Negev. Today she lives in Kibbutz Yegor with her husband and their three children. Her previous books were bestsellers and won the hearts of readers in Israel. The book "The Dream Thief" is a moving Israeli novel about experiences from the shared accommodation, reveals the difficulties of growing up in the shadow of life on a kibbutz and deals with dealing with the scars of the past that refuse to heal.

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