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In a small Creole house in 1863 New Orleans, a resourceful young black woman named Stella sews intricate maps on used fabrics to help slaves escape and join the Union Army. Stella is chained to a man who will kill her if he canA for her secret actions, and therefore she must hide not only her works, but also her love for William, a black soldier and a gifted musician.
At that time in New York City, Lily the Jew is sewing a patchwork quilt for her husband who is stationed in Louisiana with the Union Army. Between meetings of those in favor of abolishing slavery, Lily rolls bandages and sews quilts for other soldiers as well, hoping that they will return home safely. But when the months pass and she doesn't hear a word from her husband, Lily decides to embark on a perilous journey south to find him.
These two women, who during the brutal civil war risk everything for love and freedom, will encounter each other in New Orleans, where they will discover that even the most delicate threads have a chance to save us. The Thread Pickers, partially based on the notebooks' family stories, will remain in the hearts of readers long after the end of reading.
Alison Richman is the author of historical novels, including "The Velvet Hours" and "The Garden of Letters", which were international bestsellers, were translated into 25 languages ??and were a resounding success in Israel as well. Shona J. Edwards is a lawyer specializing in the protection of minority rights. Picking up the threads is her first book.

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