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three minutes Yes, just three minutes. This is the period of time available to you to voice your idea. At this time, the other party will form a firm opinion: yes or no. The speed may be surprising, but reflects reality. Humans decide quickly. They are just built that way. And if you only have three minutes to sell your idea (any idea, in any field), what is the right way to structure your pitch? How will you know how to separate what you want to say and what really needs to be said? The three minute rule will accompany you step by step on the way to building your pitch: • This is how you will learn to simplify the pitch so that it is clear and intriguing even to those who are not well versed in your field • This is how you will learn to distill your message • This is how you will find the story that will capture the audience's curiosity • This is how you will become Your Disadvantages to Advantages • Here's how to build the most efficient, short and effective pitch that will take you forward Brent Finvidick is an award-winning television producer. During his career he was able to sell more than 500 programs and television formats to the world's largest broadcast networks. Today he lectures using the "three minutes" method he developed. Among his clients are CEOs and huge companies, the kind that move the world.

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