By Oded Mbaruch Dr (Author)

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For years, the wish to be a person of one identity, one truth, one logic and one justice until I realized that this question is the main source of the supreme. Daphne found that although she longs to lose weight, it has a strong, reverse, spontaneous voice, wants to be released from the Turdish thoughts of calories, and was born of the desperate efforts to impress the environment in a young, sexy and skinny look. Yael, who suffered from driving anxiety, revealed a voice that wants to stay limited in driving to break free from her role as the "family driver", a voice that wants to cultivate a more independent life without feeling guilty. "I barely drag myself to work. My patients are waiting in the corridors, and you argue that I have a voice that wants depression?" Dr. Dr. Learn. Only after he violated the relationship between full responsibility for his life and the guilt, a flow of ideas from him. "So the voice that wants depression actually wants a less competitive and exhausting lifestyle, wants to enjoy a relationship, sexuality and love, and works on its way to weaken the achievement voice. ' Respondents - Practical, innovative and bold psychological approach has helped their three to be released from the status of sufferers and blame and faith in values ??such as justice, logic and truth that sometimes becomes weapons in relationships. She encouraged them to have an internal dialogue for cooperation between the opposing voices in them, much like spouses with contrasting desires that choose to learn to live in sharing and love. Daphne stabilized weight, released from the Turdish thoughts and less struggled to impress her surroundings; Yael returned to act only after joining a bicycle group, set to travel with companies abroad and released from her role as the family's driver; And Dr. teaches adopted a more social-couple and less competitive lifestyle. The opposing voices therapy is a comprehensive guide designed for the general public and therapists. It presents step by step the theoretical ideas of the approach are integrated into practical guidance, in the examples of the only and marital treatment world, new and old therapy techniques, and the author's personal story. This is Dr. Oded Blessed, a clinical psychologist with rich experience in personal, group and couple care. His previous books are the votes book, and anxiety is an opportunity to publish in a meter.

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