By Dr. Maya Roseman (Author)

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What do you do if you are stuck with weight? If there is swelling in the stomach? If you can't stop snacking in the afternoon? Or if you want to give up gluten or dairy products? In this book you will find a variety of menus and solutions for different situations, for vacations, for days away from home and for appetite control. In the book we will debunk myths about diabetes, learn about choosing healthy foods, check The factors that affect calorie burning and finally a chapter with all my favorite recipes. The content is presented to you in an easy and logical way, and instead of saying what is not - we will see how it is and what is good for your body. *** Dr. Maya Rozman is an R.D. certified clinical nutritionist, with Ph.D. degree in nutrition from the Hebrew University, with more than 30 years of experience. Lectures at conferences, gives courses in nutrition and runs a private clinic. Has a regular segment on the Channel 12 savings program since 2008, and presents a radio program on 103FM. She authored the books : "Permissible and Possible", "Hamarzim Bi Simcha", "Maya's Slim", "Diet Journal", "A Possible Mission - Nutrition for Girls", "58 Sweets for Dieting" "The Last Word", and the children's nutrition book that will make them ask for vegetables: "Melpa -Fon and the superheroes".

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