By Baram Nir (Author)

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Yonatan, an Israeli writer haunted by the death of his best friend, goes on a journey together with his little son. They go up to a mountain where, according to the rumor, lives a man with a rare talent: he can make people's memories disappear. But on the mountain, Jonathan discovers a mystery related to his past and the great loves of his life. And so, instead of the memories disappearing, the past also invades the present. Jonathan creates for his son rich imaginary worlds like the ones he created in his childhood, and together they devote themselves to them with great passion, perhaps too great. Is Jonathan bringing back figures from his past and bringing them into his son's life? The answers may be hidden in Jonathan's relationship full of ups and downs with his father and in the triangle of love and betrayal that has accompanied him since childhood. The search will lead him to places he did not intend to go and endanger the integrity of his family, but may also signal hope for the fusion of the cracks and freedom. Nir Baram's books were bestsellers, were translated into many languages ??and were praised in Israel and around the world. Three of them were even shortlisted for the Sapir Prize. His new book, The World is a Rumor, dives into the passions, fears and loves that always accompany us, and unfolds a shocking and heart-wrenching story about fathers and sons, about the fragility of the family, about the intense desire to be close to our loved ones and the struggle to be, truly, in this time. Among Nir Baram's previous books: Good people, Tsel Olam and Wake.

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