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Rona Glazer-Galanti has a ten-month-old baby, a novel she is not writing and a frowning man who despises everyone but her: he is convinced that she is going to be a great writer, and he will do everything to help her realize her destiny. But since birth Rona has not been able to read anything, let alone write; Until she comes across a stupid Facebook contest and decides to try: what else could happen? The Wrong Book is a story about betrayal: not with another man, but with a new identity. It's a story about a woman who rediscovers herself as a reader and then as a writer - and all behind her partner's back. Naa Yadlin's new book is a brilliant, touching and thought-provoking novel about contemporary relationships and the secrets we hide; on our right to change before the eyes of those closest to us; On high and low, on good taste and bad taste. Noa Yadlin is the bride of the Sapir Prize and the Prime Minister's Prize. Her books, including Landlady, Stockholm and People Like Us, were bestsellers, translated into foreign languages ??and adapted for television and theater.

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