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The Herman family was first broken when the parents divorced and divided the children between them. But the cracks were there before, long before, and what is once broken will never be whole again. "Only when I took it apart did I discover that for seventeen years I had built a Lego house with Yehoshua. One that was easy to take apart and sort back, put each part in a separate box, without any sign that they had ever been stuck together. When I left, I took all the books with the soft and colorful covers. I left the hard ones , the heavy ones, bound in leather and stamped with gold. I took with me all the water and oil paintings, all the cloth tablecloths, the sawmills and the flower pots. I left the pictures of the rabbis, the carpets, the silverware and the candlesticks. Even our double bed was easy to separate. Two beds pushed together To her when allowed, say goodbye when necessary." When the mother, haunted by memories of the past and anxieties about the future, decides to escape with her two young daughters to her sister in Canada, the family is shattered again, and this time, for good, it is the fragments that tell this story, which spans twenty years and two continents, between Jerusalem and Toronto, between the holy and the profane . With a strong and conquering momentum, Shafra Kornfeld moves between the points of view and weaves the webs hidden from view that bind her characters to each other, activate and bind them, with beauty, pain and honesty, she describes the explosion of the nuclear family and outlines the paths of the particles that she scattered everywhere. Shafra Kornfeld is a writer and media personality. There is no such place is her second book.

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