By Grant Adam (Author)

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The renowned psychologist Adam Grant examines the necessary art of innovative thinking: to learn how to doubt our views and how to supervise the eyes of others, which will help us excel at work and live our lives wisely. Wisdom is often seen as the ability to think and learn, but in the world changes there are other skills that can be even more important: the ability to doubt our opinions, and re -think. We listen to the opinions that give us a good feeling instead of ideas that force us to try to think. We see dreadful disagreements on our ego instead of learning. We surround ourselves in people who agree with our conclusions, rather than adhere to those who challenge our thinking process. We think too much like preachers who protect their sacred beliefs, such as prosecutors in a court that prove that the other side is wrong and like politicians who want to achieve support - and too few like scientists looking for the truth. And the truth is that forefront is impossible unchanged, and those who cannot change their minds can sometimes change anything. Grant set a principle to claim arguments as if it were right, but listen as if it was wrong. Through bold ideas, inspirational stories, and up-to-date research will think again shows us that innovative thinking is a mood and skill that can be taught, and Grant explains how to develop the qualities needed to do so. You will learn how white black musician white racists abandon hatred, how to persuade vaccine opponents to vaccinate their children, how the writer himself persuaded Jankese fans to encourage their sworn rival Hard Sus and what one can learn from an eight -year -old, Israeli from Haifa and a global division. You will see how the successful people in the world are the ones who re -think, repeatedly about their position on the basis of facts and changes, and how managers who do not know something and ask for critical feedback, are the ones who manage to build and lead more creative and innovative teams. Think again find that we don't have to believe in anything we think or internalize every emotion we feel. The book is an invitation to let go of opinions that no longer serve us well, to pump pleasure, to prefer thought flexibility over stupid consistency, and make better and more correct decisions about our lives. If knowledge is power, know what we do not know - this is wisdom.

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