By Shkodova Yulia (Author)

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On March 27, 1942, a train entered the gates of the Auschwitz camp with 999 young women from Slovakia on it, who were thought to have arrived at a labor camp for a three-month stay. For most of them, this was the first trip outside the borders of their country. This shipment would later be defined as the first transport that arrived at Auschwitz as part of the final solution. The iconic tattoo, the selection at the station, all these have not yet happened. Most of these women were murdered within a few months; And three years later, in the last days of the camp, only five women remained from the first transport, who were even condemned to survive the death marches from Auschwitz to Germany. Yuliya Shkodova, who was born as Joci Poldi in August 1914 in the town of Levo?a in eastern Slovakia, is one of those women. A few years after the liberation, she put her stories into writing, and her heart-pounding story is being published in Hebrew for the first time. Three years without a name - from Slovakia to Auschwitz presents the reader with the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp from the inside and provides a rare glimpse into the innards of the camp and into the daily experiences of the Jewish victims, and in particular into the lives of the women. How did they interpret the sights and events in real time? When and in what way did they understand the essence of the place they reached? How did they manage to survive the inferno? The reader will find the answer to these questions and many others between the pages of the book on the long time line of the testimonies and in the light of the changing scenes in the camp. The descriptions of life in the camp, the hellish torments of the death marches and the mournful return home are breath-taking, disturbing and disturbing, but at the same time interwoven with human love, miraculous evil and touching human insights. Shkodova's story about those who survived in Auschwitz-Birkenau for three long years is a unique and important testimony like no other.

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