By Cameron Julia (Author)

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Have you nurtured dreams for years but not helping to fulfill them? Have you ever wanted to do something that is actually closest to your heart, but you haven't found the forces to do it? Have you previously created wonderful things, but over the years, it is impaired and freezed yourself with imperfection? Through the artist is an independent course for the rehabilitation of the work. It is designed for artists, painters, housewives, lawyers, poets, writers, teachers, parents - every person looking for a rich creative life. It is made up of twelve episodes that are parallel to twelve lessons and include explanatory articles, personal stories, exercises and tasks, written in regular, rich and fascinating language. While reading and working with the book, you will examine key events that shaped your life and raise a sheltered dreams of your mind. Strangely, the book will bring you back to the world of supportive friends, correct guides, and grazing a loving family, and an inexhaustible reservoir of ideas and sources by which you can make your life a colorful masterpiece. Since its publication in 1992, more than 900,000 copies of the artist has been circulated. It has been translated to this day for German, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean and Swedish. A sequel, the gold artery, is designed to publish in Hebrew in 1997. Julia Cameron, the former wife of film director Martin Scorsese, is a writer, criticism, playwright and film screenwriter in the United States. For 10 years, prior to writing this book, Cameron gave creative workshops, around them and around the book that followed many support groups. In recent years, the artist has been offered as a course in schools, colleges and universities in the United States.

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